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PPM is a worldwide leader in the buying, selling, and remanufacturing of new & used circuit board assembly equipment - surface mount equipment. We specialize in Quad SMT equipment as well as MPM screen printers, Heller Reflow Ovens, Universal Thru-hole and Camalot dispensers. PPM provides quality refurbished equipment, new and used spare parts, backed by knowledgeable technical support to ensure that all products become a profitable investment. We are determined to build on the many years devoted to the Quad / Tyco product line by reinvesting in our people and products.

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OHARARP LLC's experience with PPM.

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New Cut Tape Feeder

PPM has released a new "Cut TapeFeeder" for working with less than a reel of components. Manufactures are now able to pick from short sections of taped components.

The feeder is leader less, manually indexed, latches into the feeders bases of the Quad Q Series machines & C Series machines. The cut tape feeders are available in 8mm paper, 8mm plastic, 12mm, & 16mm.

New 8x2mm 0201 Feeder

The standard 8mm fat feeder, by itself, cannot index a 2mm pitch on smaller components. We offer a new 8mm feeder with 2mm indexing and improved indexing and repeatability that reduces or eliminates mispicks. The feeder is interchangeable with all Quad model pick & place machines. The feeder will no longer index two components
at a time.

APEX 2012: PPM's Tom Nisbet interview with GlobalSMT

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New Quad 4000C with Windows 7

PPM offers the field proven “C” series SMT placement systems for economical, high precision SMT production. Integrating ultra-fine pitch precision with system flexibility, these modular assemblers offer a comprehensive range of solutions for diverse SMT applications. The Quad IVc & IIc has been replaced with a state-of-the-art Pentium PC, Windows® 7, and the PrecisionPlace Pro control software.

See a 4C place 0201 components.

Precision Depaneling Machines

PPM offers a line of depaneling systems for single or multiple populated printed circuit board assemblies with minimal stress. Extremely reliable and accurate systems ideal for medium to high volume, low-mix environments.

SMT Pick and Place

Quad QSV-1 SMT Dispenser

Quad QSV-1 Large Area Pick & Place

The QSV-1 Plus Assembler is the perfect mainstream solution for automated SMT assembly operations. It combines fine pitch component placement technology, large-board capability, and 117 feeder capacity - all at an affordable price. The QSV-1 Plus features the same high-end touchless in-process optical component alignment technology that is available in all Q-Series assemblers.

SMT Dispensers

Camalot SMT Dispenser

Camalot Large Area Dispenser

The CAMALOT XyflexProTM Modular Dispensing System brings together many of the advanced dispensing technologies in the converging SMT and semiconductor packaging markets to meet the need for medium- to high-speed dispensing.

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The Camalot FXD has been added to the Dispensing menu.

In our Used Equipment section we have added a late model Asymtek Axiom X-1020 Dispenser.

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